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Sometimes pets are left without homes, and animals in nature lose their habitats or face extension. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help animals have a safe, happy place in our world.

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Our planet is home to almost 8 billion people and 8.7 million species. Due to climate change, it's urgent that we work to heal our earth. There are lots of ways you can help this place we call home. 

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We all have a part to play to make our society just and equitable for everyone. Explore how you can fight hunger, provide basic needs, honor our military, support the arts, and more!

Start Young

We want to unlock every child’s realization that they can be a changemaker through community service experiences.


Ready to engage a group of kids in service?

Do you work with a parent-teacher association (PTA), Scout troop, sports team, or other organization that serves kids ages 5 - 14? We can help you plan your own Create the Change® in-person direct service project or event!

Levi Changemaker



“I feel like giving back has 100% developed my own sense of me caring about people. And doing that has led me to serve gratitude to my friends and family as well as learn how to treat other humans with empathy.” 

Levi, 17   Changemaker since age 5


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Nonprofit Spotlight

School on Wheels of Massachusetts

E. Bridgewater, MA
The mission of School on Wheels of MA is to support the academic, social and emotional growth of students impacted by homelessness.
School on Wheels of Massachusetts

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