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A Soldiers Hands

A Soldier's Hands

Trish Shallenberger , Founder
2277 Oak Leaf Drive
State College, PA 16803
(267) 564-5204


Did you know that over 50% of our deployed troops never receive a mail call during their deployment?Our mission is to ensure that everyone hears their name called.

This realization was made crystal clear on a overbooked flight August 1, 2007. The middle seat was empty. How could there be standby lines and an empty seat? Why? Mark Edhegard sat on the aisle, I was by the window. Because the middle seat was emptry, we spoke and I immediately noticed his hands were a mess. I offered him hand cream which soothed his sunburned and blistered hands. Mark shared he was training at Ft. Hood, TX in preparation for his deployment to Iraq. He shared that he wasn't afraid of dying; his biggest concern was the heat and sun. I offered to send him products to take care of his skin. Mark declined stating he could not accept something from me knowing that not everyone would receive a mail call. I asked "how many are in your unit? I'll send something for everyone". Mark replied, "177". This one unselfish statement from the 19 year old, led to the committment of serving entire deployed units.

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