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Kate Sanetra-Butler , Executive Director
PO Box 72
Wayland, MA 01778
(857) 600-6308


Dignity Matters collects, purchases and distributes menstrual care products, underwear and bras to women and girls who are homeless or living in poverty. These items are essential for them to stay healthy and confident, attend school and work, and live with basic dignity.

“Period Poverty” is an invisible but growing issue in the United States. You can’t use Food Stamps/SNAP or any other subsidy programs to purchase period protection. Pads and tampons are expensive and have to be purchased every month – and many families, homeless shelters and food pantries can’t afford to buy them. One in five girls in the US has missed school because she had no menstrual care, and women risk losing their jobs if they can’t work reliably during their period. Many women and girls resort to using unhygienic items like socks, rags and newspaper, putting them at risk for life-long illness and infection.

In 2017, Dignity Matters collected over 225,000 items for distribution. In 2018 we over doubled our operation and collected over 570,000 items.

Since the begining of 2019, Dignity Matters supports over 100 other nonprofits reliably reaching over 3000 women and girls EVERY MONTH.

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