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Engage the Vision

Engage the Vision

Sharon R Elefant , Executive Director
4067 Hardwick Street
Lakewood, CA 90712


Engage the Vision encourages and empowers our youth through consistent weekly mentoring which educates and liberates inner city boys and their families to reach their highest potential. Our goal is to build strong, effective, self-sufficient and safe communities for everyone to be uplifted (classrooms, schools, town/state/country and globally).

Engage the Vision works closely with state and private school systems to provide mentorship programs that will benefit students as individuals. Currently, ETV operates a weekly program for boys and girls every Friday of the school year in collaboration with Zela Davis Elementary School in South Los Angeles. Mentors assist students by providing educational tools to develop practical problem-solving strategies, crisis management abilities, and successful communication skills. ETV is also committed to aiding in the elimination of the U.S. childhood obesity epidemic. Our organization gives kids access to physical education through sports training, meditation, and yoga. Students also gain an increase in health/wellness awareness through nutrition education. We are committed to enabling our students to give back to their communities and become future leaders of innovation, dedication, and love. .

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