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We work with nonprofit organizations across the country that offer opportunities for kids ages 5 - 14.
Our key communities are Greater Boston, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Florida, and Northern Virginia. 

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Animals have a special place in our hearts. Just like people and our planet, they need help, too.



Just like you go to checkups to stay healthy, our planet needs to be taken care of, too.



Everyone deserves equal rights and equitable opportunities.

Sonia Nousheen
8 Tinkham Avenue
Derry, New Hampshire 03038
(857) 244-1695


NuDay is a non-profit working to secure dignified & empowered aid for women and children affected by humanitarian crises worldwide. We believe anyone can make a difference - that's why our motto is One Person at a Time, One Humanity Closer!

One of our biggest projects is sending 40-foot containers filled with aid - from clothing to shoes, bikes to crutches, and many other goodies! - to areas in need. We need your help to make a difference, either by running a donation drive or helping to sort and load donations so that they reach kids and moms who have gone through so much.

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Help us sort donations and pack them onto a huge container so that we can get them to kids and moms who need them most! As a volunteer, ...

Educational Activities

Create the Change® partners with nonprofit organizations that we believe offer age-appropriate service opportunities for youth and families. All of our partners sign a collaboration agreement promising to provide age-appropriate activities in a safe environment. 


Create the Change® does not run, host, or facilitate the service opportunities seen here, nor are we responsible in any way for the management (financial or otherwise) of the organizations we feature.


Always be sure to do your own research on the nonprofit organization and service opportunities available to make sure it's a good fit for you before getting started. You may find the organization's contact information on their profiles. 


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