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PS I Love You Foundation

PS I Love You Foundation

Patricia Jones , Founder
1732 Aviation Blvd unit 130
Redondo Beach, CA 90278


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs that inspire confidence, compassion, motivation and
inclusion…teaching what textbooks can’t: social-emotional health and well-being
WHO WE ARE: PS I Love You Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 1998, and reaching 700-
1,000 at-risk youth a year through our proprietary Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. We are
currently a volunteer-based organization, growing quickly, that is passionate about children’s health to
include their social, emotional, physical, mental well-being and overall happiness. We strive to empower
youth to live their best life filled with self-acceptance, integrity, inclusion, compassion, motivation, love
and lots of self-awareness. Programs are taught in three formats: online, in Community PODs, and in
traditional classroom-style settings. Our programs teach the vital life skills for Social-Emotional
Intelligence identified by and include Growth Mindset, Resilience and Healthy Habits.
MISSION: Develop and implement effective social and emotional learning- resilience programs for
youth K-12 to influence life skills for social and emotional well-being, positive habits, confidence,
healthy relationships and most importantly, RESPECT & LOVE for self, others and the world around.
VISION: We believe that every child deserves the right to have a healthy sense of self, be able to feel
and give love and honestly believe they can accomplish great things.
WHY: - Depression, stress, suicide, isolation, bias, opioids, uncertainty, anxiety are higher than ever.
- 75% of words kids use are negative: stressed, tired, bored and even the word “kill” in gaming.
SEL effects outlook!
- Love4Life teaches skills for optimism, confidence, inclusion, happiness, stress management.

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Our mission is the development and teaching of effective Social Emotional Learning Programs for at-promise youth K-12. Develop and post fun and interactive social media to build awareness ...

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