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The Charles River Conservancy

The Charles River Conservancy

Sasha Vallieres , Volunteer Program Manager
43 Thorndike Street, S3-3
Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 300-8172


The Charles River Conservancy strives to make the Charles River and its parks a well-maintained network of natural urban places that invite and engage all in their use and stewardship.

The Charles River Conservancy lies at the center of the Charles River, its parks, and the park’s users. We similarly envision a future in which the Charles River and its parks are celebrated, well-utilized, and connected centers of public life.

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The Charles River Conservancy invites you to be our partner in single-use plastic reduction. Check out ourÂ
Photograph Our Parks
30 - 60-Minutes
Do you find beauty in the Charles River parks? Do you love taking photographs? Are you an aspiring photographer looking to expand your portfolio, or an experienced one looking to give back to your ...
Each year, the Conservancy works with approximately 2,000 volunteers to perform vital park maintenance work and ensure permanent improvements in the parks. Volunteer events are a great way to get ...

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