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Undies for Everyone provides children living in poverty or crisis with new underwear, recognizing the importance of this small basic need for a child’s increased chances of long-term success. Undies for Everyone provides 7 pairs of undies to over 150,000 US children - that's one million pairs of underwear just in 2022. Undies are distributed to underserved children in Atlanta, Albuquerque, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Cleveland, San Antonio, Austin, Los Angeles and the Rio Grande Valley, TX. Distribution partners include Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Child Protective Services, school district's homeless departments and pediatric mobile clinics.

Created in 2012, Undies for Everyone fills a gap that few donors are aware exists – new underwear! This basic need can give a child a sense of dignity and confidence to help them succeed in school and beyond.

Clean underwear is an easily overlooked essential that can offer immediate physical and emotional relief. By working to ensure that all children have access to the daily dignity of clean underwear, we promote the conditions for success every child deserves – from basic hygiene and better graduation rates to brighter outlooks about themselves and the world around them.

As the only non-profit in the United States specifically providing underwear to boost the academic, social and emotional health of underserved children, we know our work has just begun.

You can help children anywhere in the country with One-Click Undies – a virtual underwear drive. Or our Undies for Change Program. A sponsored underwear distribution that lets your group roll and pack undies that you deliver to a Boys and Girls Club in your area.

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Undies for Change
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 Undies for Change is a team building volunteer opportunity. Undies for Everyone (UFE) will send underwear, supplies and instructions to ...

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