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Vinci Robotics Academy

Vinci Robotics Academy

Chenyu Lin , Operation Manager
87 Terrace Hall Ave
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 301-3841


Vinci Robotics Academy is founded by parents and run by parents who are aiming to provide high-quality STEAM education resources and services to local communities including robotics, programming, innovation project, and more.
Vinci Robotics Academy provides a creative space for students to study STEAM knowledge in a comprehensive hands-on and collaborative way. Students can join our teams to design and build the robots, participate in robotics competitions, and do innovation projects. Vinci Robotics Academy provides all hands-on materials, learning classes, and friendly workshop space for students to study and work in teams to create amazing innovations.

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Service Opportunities

Social Media Guru
Our social media channels need good content to be shared about new amazing things that happened in the technology world and news about our activities. We would like to have some ...
We want to turn many of our old computer/printer devices into beautiful decorations for our classroom. We need some brilliant decorators to help us do some designs and interior decorations ...
To build a better community, we would like to use technologies to help special students (ASD students) to learn and explore STEAM with a special robotics hands-on learning method. ...

Educational Activities

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