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Create a BIRTHDAY BOX! Collect party supplies and carefully package them inside a brightly wrapped box. Your box will be delivered to a program, agency, motel, or other facility for distribution to families, along with a bag of wrapped gifts for the birthday celebrant. 

What's Needed To Complete

Use 10-ream paper boxes and lids from Staples, Hammerill, etc. for the box. The box and lid need to be wrapped separately in birthday-themed paper. All supplies must be brand new and in original packaging. We cannot accept any cake mix or frosting with expiration dates within 3 months of the donation date.

Special Requirements

Please us to confirm our real-time needs before planning to build and deliver boxes. In order to remain in compliance with current health and safety regulations we can only accept approved donations via a scheduled, no-contact drop-off appointment.

How It Makes A Difference

The Birthday-in-a-Box (BIAB) program was created in 2005 to serve unhoused children in domestic violence shelters, scattered sites, motels, and other locations which cannot accommodate Birthday Wishes Party Coordinators. The BIAB Program allows Birthday Wishes to reach unhoused children in almost any living situation.  Party supplies are carefully packaged inside a brightly wrapped box and delivered to the program, agency, motel, or other facility for distribution to families, along with a bag of wrapped gifts for the birthday celebrant. Each birthday box contains everything necessary for a great birthday celebration. This program empowers and bonds families, helping them maintain this important tradition while in a shelter. We rely on volunteer groups to fill and assemble the hundreds of birthday boxes we send out each month. For consistency purposes, please follow the instructions closely.

Where to Serve

In-Person/On Site


A Birthday Box must include one of each of the following:  Baking Supplies & Beverages: - Box of Cake Mix (chocolate, vanilla, marble, or Funfetti) - Jar of Frosting (chocolate, vanilla, marble, or Funfetti) - Disposable Cake Pan (size: 8 x 8 or 13 x 9) Party Supplies: Birthday-themed or solid color - Box of candles (24 count or less) - Pack of disposable forks (12 count or less) - Pack of paper plates (12 count or less) - Pack of paper napkins (24 count or less) - Disposable Tablecloth Decorations: Birthday themed or solid color - Pack of party hats (8 count) - Pack of balloons (24 count or less) - Pack of blowouts (12 count or less) - Roll of crepe paper streamers - Small birthday banner. Schedule a drop-off for your BIAB: .

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