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Donate Blank Journals for Grieving Kids




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How Often Is This Offered?


Age Range

  • 3rd - 5th
  • 6th - 8th
  • High School

Help Required



Provide a blank journal for someone to use as they work through their emotions and feelings while grieving a family member.

What's Needed To Complete

Maybe a donation bin of doing a drive. And perhaps a box if shipping.

Whose Help Is Required

You might need help to ship or drop off the journal(s).

Special Requirements


How It Makes A Difference

Grief journals give one a safe and judgment-free place to explore jumbled thoughts and feelings, to find ways to remember their loved one, and to record their ongoing journey through grief. By providing these items to the kids who come to The Children's Room, you help us offset our operational costs.

Where to Serve

From Home/Anywhere*


You can donate one or lots of blank journals, preferably gender-neutral. You can either collect any unused, new journals in your home; purchase new journals and/or ask your friends and neighbors to donate journals to your "Journal Drive" for The Children's Room. Please let us know with a slip of paper in your donation, that you learned about this opportunity through Create the Change® (Create the Change® ® ® ®). Mail or dop off your journals to:  The Children's Room, Attn: Jenny Volkert, 1210 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington, MA 02476.  Questions?  Email Jenny at or call 781-641-4741, ext. 321. Thank you for your compassion and generosity. .

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