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As a member of the Santa Clara County WECARE Coalition, a partnership between local city shelters, Town Cats provides transportation volunteers for the spay, neuter and return Feral Freedom Program operating out of the The San Jose Animal Care Center on Monterey Road. Help drive community cats back to their original location after they have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated at the shelter. Volunteer shifts run about 2-3 hours at a time, and volunteer hours are flexible afternoons, Tuesday to Saturday.

What's Needed To Complete

1. Reliable car 2. Cell phone 3. GPS 4. Team spirit!

Whose Help Is Required

Great for families - requires a driver with reliable transportation.

Special Requirements

Must be 18+ (or with a parent) and interested in a long term commitment.

How It Makes A Difference

Town Cats takes great care to ensure the cats/kittens in its care are spay/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped so that they can have a healthy and safe future. By being part of the team that transports the cats to/from the shelter for these important treatments, you can play a role in ensuring their health and safety too!

Where to Serve

In-Person/On Site


1. Decide if you have a love of cats and can commit to being a driver/driving family at least one afternoon a month several months. 2. If so, visit our a style="color: #1155cc;" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopenervolunteer page where you'll find a link to our online registration and information about upcoming orientations. 3. Complete the necessary registration forms. Once approved by Town Cats staff, register for an upcoming orientation/training session. 4. Attend the orientation as scheduled. 5. Report for duty on your designated day; pick up several cats in their crates with a list of addresses where each cat is to be released. 6. Once at the location, open the crate in a safe area away from the street to deter the cat from running in the street and into potential danger. 7. Return empty crates to the shelter in the designated return location with the required paperwork.

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