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Age Range

  • 6th - 8th
  • High School

Help Required



We generate funds to educate impoverished girls in India by selling our adorable stuffed animals.  One successful method of selling our animals is by having kids who care about kids organize a virtual or in-person sales event.  Hosting a Zoom selling event,  a driveway sale or a Bandar and Bhaaloo party are all options that you can organize and host.  

What's Needed To Complete

For a virtual sales event: computer and high speed internet connection.  Animals will be shipped to buyers directly from the Bandar and Bhaaloo studio. For an in-person sales event: tables, pens, paper, invitations supplied by you.   Stuffed animals and packaging will be provided by Bandar and Bhaaloo.

Special Requirements

Enthusiasm for selling.  Ability to articulate the "sales pitch" (the value proposition).  Ability to organize an event and follow through with it.

How It Makes A Difference

Bandar and Bhaaloo depends on the sale of our stuffed animals to generate the funds we send to India in support of girls.  While we sell our animals on our website and through other online sales channels, in-person selling generates a better understanding and connection with our mission.

Where to Serve

From Home/Anywhere*


Contact Deborah at Bandar and Bhaaloo to discuss more about when and where you'd like to host an event. Decide which sales venue you want to use (virtual; in-person; group activity) Set a date and time for the sale. Determine with Bandar and Bhaaloo which animals and the number of animals you'd like to sell. Send invitations to the event (or schedule an open event in a public place with lots of foot traffic). Options: Post on social media. Create a FB event. Depending on venue and location, determine best way to show animals and collect monies. Host the event. Send money and remaining stuffed animals back to Deborah. Any unsold animals can be shipped via USPS (we will cover the shipping costs) or we will pick up. Payment for animals can be by check made to Bandar and Bhaaloo or via Venmo @Deborah-Hecker.

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