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  • K - 2nd
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  • High School

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Sportsmen's is hoping Create the Change® will partner with us by hosting a journaling kit drive for 25 youngsters. In each kit, we are looking to include: a gender neutral lined journal a variety of colored pens a pocket folder for journaling materials

What's Needed To Complete

Prepare 25 journaling kits containing: a gender neutral lined journal a variety of colored pens a pocket folder for journaling materials

Whose Help Is Required

This activity is great for families!

Special Requirements

No experience necessary for this project.

How It Makes A Difference

Sportsmen™s offers gender-specific leadership & mentoring programs on Saturdays DEUCE (Don™t Ever Underestimate Consistent Effort) for boys and HEY Sister (High Energy Young Sister) for girls. Both programs are free and are offered virtually during the pandemic. Each week DEUCE students participate in: public speaking exercises, peer group discussions, and trivia related to their life experiences. The youth also learn to give back to their community at a young age. DEUCE participants devoted themselves to volunteering at a host of events at Sportsmen™s. Under the guidance of our coaches these young men are being equipped with life skills, tools for healthy living, and ultimately being molded into future mentors for generations to follow. Each week HEY Sister students participate in: workshops, guest speakers, and community building activities. The curriculum is designed to build strong civic leaders who develop visions for themselves and their community. Alongside the leadership initiative, HEY Sister has taken an active role in campaigning for health and wellness. The girls developed a Health & Wellness curriculum which expands on nutrition and healthy eating, the importance of exercise, and the importance of mental health. HEY Sister provides a safe place for girls to explore issues in their lives, focus on their futures, form positive peer groups and strong relationships with caring adults. These programs™ participants are being introduced to the art of journaling. According to Kay Burke, author of How to Assess Authentic Learning, -Journal writing provokes more reflection and encourages students to take charge of their learning and their feelings. Journals help students make connections between what is really important to them, the curriculum, and the world.

Where to Serve

From Home/Anywhere*


Get excited to do a "Journaling Kit" drive with new journals! Set a due date to collect the items. Tell your friends, family members and neighbors about your drive and where they can drop off their donations - give them a due date. Provide them with a bin at the drop-off location or arrange to pick up, safely and masked! Once you have collected your items, please assemble the kits into separate ziplock bags. Optional: Take a picture of your kits and post to social media with hashtags #stectennis #projectgivingkids Box and deliver or ship your bags to the Attention of Mary Long at Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Center, 950 Blue Hill Avenue Boston, MA 02124. Any questions, please email Mary Long or call her at 617-288-9092. *If you or your friends and neighbors would prefer to purchase a kit from Amazon, you can do that and have it shipped directly to Mary Long at the above address.  

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