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What's more fun than running a lemonade stand? How about running a lemonade stand and actually getting to see the animals you're helping with the money you raise?! At the MSPCA, one of the best ways for kids to help us is by running a lemonade or hot cocoa/cider stand at our adoption center! You can pick any day we are open (Tues-Fri from 1-5pm and weekends from 11am-4pm). Sometimes kids will bring baked goods as well, so they can raise even more money for our animals, and you get to decide where the money goes too!

What's Needed To Complete

1. Whatever drink(s) you want to sell (Lemonade, Cider and Hot Cocoa are the most popular) 2. Baked Goods (optional) 3. Cups and napkins 4. Kettle to hold hot beverages (and/or pitchers for cold)

Whose Help Is Required

Mom, Dad or other grown-up (some adult facilitation/involvement required)

Special Requirements


How It Makes A Difference

Running this stand is an awesome way to help the MSPCA to have enough money to feed, care for and medicate unhoused animals. Many of our animals need surgeries, medications and special foods to be happy and healthy. We can only provide these things for them if we have the money to do it!

Where to Serve

In-Person/On Site


For questions or to plan a date to do your stand, have a parent or guardian email 1. Ask a parent or guardian to email" target="_blank" rel=" to pick a date for your stand. 2. Make lemonade, cider or cocoa. 3. Bake cookies or snacks (optional). 4. Bring drinks, snacks and cups/napkins to the MSPCA on your scheduled date. 5. Sell as much as you can to raise money for the MSPCA! 6. Choose what kind of animals you'd like the money to go to. Funds can go to our general fund, Spike's fund for sick and injured animals, the Chaucer and Zuzu fund for older adult animals, OR our Pit Pals fund, which helps pit bull owners to get their dogs spayed and neutered.

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