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NEST Nurtures: Pledge to Reduce Food Waste Now


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  • 3rd - 5th
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Via our NEST Nurtures zero hunger program, we tackle global hunger, poverty, and food waste through feeding the hungry initiatives, food rescues, and hunger-based service projects. Our main goal is to increase awareness and action around food waste reduction by maximizing opportunities to connect surplus food to people in need. By organizing zero hunger service opportunities, hosting sustainability workshops, and advocating for zero waste through awareness campaigns, we engage the public to drive collaborative civic action.  

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Pledge Did you know that half the world wastes enough food to feed the other half? We believe food is too good to waste. Take our pledge today and make every day "Stop Food Waste Day!"

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In-Person/On Site


Did you know that half the world wastes enough food to feed the other half? Take the pledge today and make every day -Stop Food Waste Day! I pledge to do at least two of the following: * Buy items only when you have a plan for using them * Designate one meal each week as a -use-it-up meal (eat leftovers) * Donate food before it expires so it can be consumed by someone in need * Properly store fruits and vegetables to extend shelf life * Practice FIFO (First In, First Out)- use older products first before using newer items * Volunteer at a food rescue event * Share food with family, friends, and neighbors * Spread awareness- make people more attentive to wasting less It is time for us to come together to solve this social and environmental crisis!

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