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Age Range

  • 6th - 8th
  • High School

Help Required



Create paracord "survivor" bracelets for military service members.

What's Needed To Complete

Paracord bracelets require very few tools that you likely already have the tools you need at home¦ scissors, a lighter, ruler or tape measure, and, of course, your hands! 

Whose Help Is Required

Adult for ordering materials and shipping bracelets.

Special Requirements

Paracord bracelets made for military service members have two important rules that must be followed in order for the service member to be allowed to wear the bracelet with their uniform: They must be in specific colors only: black, olive green, tan, or camo They must use MIL-SPEC cording

How It Makes A Difference

Deployed service members and veterans love paracord bracelets! Not only is it a great gift to show our appreciation for what they do, but paracord bracelets provide an easy-to-carry line of cord that can be used for a variety of survival needs.

Where to Serve

From Home/Anywhere*


Decide what nonperishable food items you would like to collect. You can reach out to at any time to ask about current house needs. Items that are often needed include, rice/grains, pasta (including GF), beans, canned fish/chicken, dried fruits, nuts, peanut butter, shelf stable milk, canned fruits/vegetables, soups.  Label your collection box and place it in a secure place outdoors where donations can be dropped off safely. Let your friends, family, classmates, and other members of your community know about your drive (include information about when and where to donate and what items are needed)! Keep them updated on the progress of your drive! Once your drive is complete, reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator at RMH Boston Harbor to schedule contactless delivery of your donation. Donations can be received from 9am-5pm 7 days a week. The Volunteer Coordinator can be reached via email at or phone at  617-398-6458.  .

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