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Help Required



Want to develop leadership skills while making a difference in the lives of other kids? Basic footwear is something many often don't think about when it comes to growing happy, healthy kids, but not having shoes that fit and that are in good condition can prevent children from participating in school, in sports and in life. Lead a Gotta Have Sole Club at your school and help make sure kids in unhoused shelters in your community have the shoes they need to succeed.

What's Needed To Complete

1. Access to a computer and printer 2. Paper, posterboard, markers and other sign-making supplies 3. Large collection boxes to conduct your new footwear drives

Whose Help Is Required

Support from your principal or school administrator to establish a GHS Club.

Special Requirements

Gotta Have Sole prefers the establishment of "legacy clubs," consisting of kids of varying ages so that the clubs can continue after the original founder(s) graduate.

How It Makes A Difference

Gotta Have Sole Clubs are a great way for you to support children in unhoused shelters in your community and to help break down social barriers between unhoused and non-unhoused children so that all are more accepting of one another. By joining a growing list of school-based and after-school Gotta Have Sole Clubs across the country, you will open up a new way for your school community to help unhoused children through the donation of new footwear and help ensure other kids have the footwear they need to succeed!

Where to Serve

In-Person/On Site


1. Set up a meeting with your school principal or administrator to discuss establishing a Gotta Have Sole Club at your school. 2. If they agree, fill out the application for starting a Gotta Have Sole Club available on the" target="_blank" rel="noopenerGotta Have Sole website. 3. After submitting your application, Gotta Have Sole will contact you about setting up a Skype interview to discuss further. 4. Once approved, enter the access code provided by Gotta Have Sole in the" target="_blank" rel="noopenerGHS Club Portal to access all the forms you will need to get your club up and running. You will be provided with a club kit containing various materials for activities you can run at the shelter as well as marketing materials. 5. Make signs to post around your school to advertise the shoe collection. Use social media to promote your drives as well. 6. Contact Gotta Have Sole if you need additional guidance and/or mentorship during the process; and have fun knowing you are making a big difference in the lives of other kids! *Please note each Club is asked to fill two new footwear orders a year with specific sizes from a shelter with which they are paired (by Gotta Have Sole). Depending on the shelter, it is also recommended that the Club run two separate after-school activities with the children at the designated shelter.

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