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Help Required



It takes hundreds of pounds of food and supplies to feed and care for the many cats and kittens served by Heaven on Earth Society each year. We are always in need of the items on our wish list. You can help by asking those in your community to pick up an extra item or two on their next visit to the store.

What's Needed To Complete

1. Collection boxes and materials to decorate them 2. Posters or flyers to let people know about your collection

Whose Help Is Required

A little help from someone who can drive to drop off supplies at the end.

Special Requirements

Drop off (by appointment only) or ship items to: 7342 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605

How It Makes A Difference

Heaven on Earth Society helps care for hundreds of unhoused cats every year. By helping collect items for the cats and kittens we serve, you will help make sure these animals receive the care they need and will help us serve even more feline friends.

Where to Serve

In-Person/On Site


In-Person Drive Option: Decide on a time frame for collecting donations and a place to do so. We suggest running your drive for a couple of weeks. You may want to consider hosting your drive at your school, place of worship, local businss or in your neighborhood. (Be sure to get permission from the necessary adults involved.) Decorate collection boxes to be displayed. Create flyers on a computer or decorate posters announcing the collection. You should include the items you hope to collect. Get a list of such items from" target="_blank" rel="noopenerour Wish List or check out the list below. You can also use social media and email to help promote your drive. Wait for items to start rolling in. (You may want to collect the items from the collection boxes from time and time and move them to your house or another storage location during the course of the drive.) When your drive is over, schedule a time to drop off all the collected materials by contacting" target="_blank" rel=" If you choose to conduct a virtual drive using" target="_blank" rel="noopenerour Amazon Wish List, you can have items shipped directly to us (address is on file). If you want to run a collection drive from the comfort of your home (maybe in lieu of birthday presents or at holiday time), you can do so using" target="_blank" rel="noopenerour Amazon Wish List. All you need is help to get the email addresses to those you would like to send the announcement. You may also want to consider using social media. In your messages, explain how friends and families' support will make a difference and let them know the time frame for your drive. Be sure to also include the link to" target="_blank" rel="noopenerour Amazon Wish List. The rest will be taken care of by Amazon. Possible Drive Items: Cat carriers, in good condition Natural Balance dry cat food (Ultra variety preferred) Canned cat food (any variety) Clay cat litter Kitten food (any variety, Royal Canin preferred) Gift certificates to pet supply stores Amazon gift cards Cat furniture (uncarpeted or washable) Cat treats Towels and small blankets (washable fleece preferred)

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