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Simply the Basics

Simply the Basics

Brittany Horwich
PO Box 591453
San Francisco, CA 94159


The Mission of Simply the Basics is to provide for individuals, organizations, and communities their most basic needs with dignity so that they can focus on bigger goals. We simply remove barriers, allowing people to have the opportunity to achieve.

Simply the Basics is inspired by Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the philosophy that people are unable to focus on any needs higher than their current level on the following pyramid. If they are unable to meet needs at the very basic level (food, shelter, clothing, education, and hygiene), they will be incapable of moving up in the pyramid to reach greater goals (job security, sobriety, mental and physical health, and self actualization).

By alleviating the struggle to meet a most basic need, a person can achieve independence in other areas. By removing the barrier of finding the next meal or safe place to sleep, securing hygiene products, and meeting any other basic human needs...People are given the Opportunity to Achieve.

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You can help families, children, and our neighbors experiencing homelessness meet their most basic needs and improve their health when you host a hygiene drive! A Hygiene drive is a GREAT way to ...
You can help us meet the need of our Recipients across the country by assembling hygiene kits for your local community! We have receiving sites all over, and these cities in particular are due to ...

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