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Help Required



You can coordinate a drive to collect basic household items for a woman as she moves into her new apartment. With your help, she can get settled a little more quickly and continue to work on the challenges that surround her. 

What's Needed To Complete

New items only. All items are basic household items (no furniture).  Examples of items include: comforters, sheets, shower curtains, lamps, etc. 

Whose Help Is Required

Moving Home Drives don't need to be completed by one person. A family, a group of friends, colleagues, religious group or club/organization can sponsor a woman together, and each person can buy an item off her list!

Special Requirements

We typically ask that completed drives be delivered to 341 Broadway, Cambridge within 3 weeks, but our Development Associate, Maddie Porter, is happy to work with your schedule if that time doesn't work.

How It Makes A Difference

When a woman moves into a new apartment it can be a scary and difficult change to make.  Because of you and your willingness to buy basic household items, you are helping her transition go a lot smoother. With that added stress off her back, she can continue to work on the challenges that she faces, but she won't have to worry about having basic needs at home.  You will have already turned her house into a home.

Where to Serve

From Home/Anywhere*


Determine if you will be doing this by yourself, with a family member, or group.  Contact maddie.porter@ontherise.orgMaddie for the items needed on the "wish List" as well as the bio of the person you will be helping. Once you are given a wishlist, you will go shopping for all the items or have them purchased and dropped off to you by a friend, neighbor or family member! Items must all be NEW and unused. Coordinate delivery of the items to 341 Broadway, Cambridge. Typically we have items delivered within 2-3 weeks but can be flexible based on your schedule. If you have questions regarding any of the items on the list or the task, please our site.   Still have questions?  Email Maddie Porter at or call her at 617-497-7968 x36.  Maddie will provide you with the bio of the person who you will be helping as well as her specific wishlist of basic-need items!

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